Community Solidarity

June 4, 2020 - United Way of Passaic County stands in solidarity with the community in mourning the murder of George Floyd. We value the dignity and worth of every human being, and it was horrifying to see the very dignity and life of Mr. Floyd robbed from him.

The horrific deaths of Mr. Floyd, and Mr. Arbery and Ms. Taylor just in the last month, remind us that the promises of life, freedom, and pursuit of happiness have not been equally afforded to all.  At United Way we aspire toward unity. There is no place for hatred and violence in our communities.

At United Way we work to improve people’s lives and build strong and healthy neighborhoods. Communities will not be strong unless everyone is safe; everyone can access healthy food and healthcare, and economic and education opportunities exist for all. Until then, our work continues.

We are committed to authentically pursuing the aspirations of improved lives and strong communities. This includes understanding the long-standing barriers that block opportunity, and self-examination of our own work. Those of us who sit in traditional positions of privilege and power must ask what more we can do to create change. We are committed to educating our organization about the ways that we can promote equity and inclusion in the work that we do.

We applaud our community members for engaging in peaceful, meaningful protests in our community this week. We are listening. We stand with you.

Yvonne Zuidema, President & CEO

George Riley, Board Chair