Host a gift drive

Host Your Own Gifts/Toy Drive

Hosting a drive at your place of work or with your friends is a great way to give back to those in need.  Here are a few simple tips to make it easy and fun!  Your efforts will help bring joy to families this holiday season!

·   Register your drive!  Click here to register your drive!

·   Choose the dates for your drive.  Our deadline to receive gifts/toys is Friday, December 15 so mid-November to mid-December is a great time to promote and collect toys, gifts and/or warm winter wear.  Pick a designated week for your group to collect items so everyone has time to shop and contribute.  Don’t forget there will be a few latecomers.  Everyone has the best intentions, but life happens.  Plan on a few extra days after your deadline to still receive gifts. Remember – Our deadline is Friday, December 15.

·  Spread the word!  Make sure everyone knows that this drive is happening!  We are sharing posters that you can use to help promote your drive.

o   Put up posters around the office,

o   Share on social media, have your friends share on their social media

o   Email your co-workers and friends. 

o   Remind everyone!

·   Set up a collection bin.  Choose a place that everyone will see.  Don’t forget signage.  (Here is a sample Drop Off Flyer).  Add your own donations to the bin (people like to see that someone has started!).

·   Collect!!! Now it’s time to watch your group come together to support those in need!  Let us know when you are done so we can coordinate drop off of gifts to the designated site.

·  Contact Us While you’re waiting for the donations to come in, check back with us for information on the drop off site.

·  Thank You!  We celebrate you and the work you put into this to make it happen. Be sure to thank your donors too.  Check back soon and we will be posting photos of those receiving gifts!