Passaic County Food Policy Council


Passaic County Food Policy Council (PCFPC) is a group of stakeholders working to ensure that all Passaic County residents have access to safe, sufficient, nutritious, and affordable foods and to support a sustainable and economically viable local food system.   

In 2012, UWPC and the PCFPC released Where’s the Food? A Report on Food Insecurity and Food Access in Passaic County, New Jersey. This report provided a comprehensive view of food availability, accessibility, and affordability in Passaic County.  This critical data informed UWPC and the members of the PCFPC as they worked to create The PUSH Report: A Community Vision to Create Food Security for All, an action plan publicly released on October 24, 2012.  Since that time, PCFPC members have used the PUSH report as a catalyst to expand and implement projects in the community, which have included: an assessment of the food retail opportunities in Paterson's first ward, programing at Habitat for Humanity to educate and assist homeowners in the establishment of home gardens; UWPC’s Family Table project providing cooking classes and nutrition education to young families; Expansion of Farmers Markets in the City of Paterson by City Green; a worksite wellness initiative for Passaic County worksites coordinated by UWPC and the Passaic County Public Health Collaborative; as well as successful advocacy for the expansion of school breakfast in the City of Paterson.  Read more about the Council's achievements.

In 2015 the Council formed two working groups to focus on high priority issues.  The Child Nutrition Advocacy group, co-chaired by Lisa Pitz and Diane Riley, is focused on increasing participation by children in school nutrition programs, such as breakfast after the bell, after school meals and summer meals.  The Buying Club group, chaired by Jennifer Papa, is working to create a cooperative for schools, corner stores, and food pantries to purchase farm-fresh food directly from local farmers.


The Passaic County Food Policy Council General meetings are scheduled in 2016 for the following dates: 

January 13

March 9

May 11

September 14

November 9

Meetings are generally from 9:30am to 11:30am and held at the United Way Passaic County offices:  301 Main St. Paterson, NJ   (Center City Mall, Upper Level).

Meeting times for Working Groups varies.  For more information regarding Working Group meetings please contact Mary Celis.


Visitors are always welcome at Food Policy Council general meetings! Membership inquiries: Please contact Mary Celis.  Download the membership form.

Links and Resources:

Hunger Free Communities Grantees 

For more information on upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and Council membership, please contact call (973) 279-8900 Ext. 203.