United Way of Passaic County Partners with Paterson Board of Education to Address Food Insecurity Through Farm to School Program

StrawberriesPaterson Board of Education and the United Way of Passaic County will help fight insecurity within the District's student population.

Food insecurity, characterized by disrupted food intake or eating patterns due to financial constraints, has posed a barrier to academic achievement and financial stability for some Paterson students and their families.

“Being an urban school district, it’s difficult to have students appreciate where food comes from,” Superintendent of Paterson Public Schools Dr. Laurie Newell said. “Unless a student has access to a community garden, most of our children will only see vegetables originating from the market. Through this great program we’ll be able to bring a small piece of the farm to their schools, where they can have the opportunity to get their hands dirty while learning."

In collaboration with the Paterson Public Schools' Full Service Community Schools at various locations, including School 2, School 10, School 15, School 16, and Al Moody Academy, the United Way of Passaic County will implement the Farm to School Grant Program. This initiative aims to establish school gardens that will contribute to alleviating food insecurity within the Paterson community.

By Gabriella Dragone
Published September 27, 2023 at 5:28 PM